When You're

 all done

  • Again, drink LOTS of water.  Like three times as much as you did before your session.  Hydration is key to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that's why you're taking this time for you.  Once you think you've had enough water, have one more big glass just because. 

  • Give yourself some time to cool down.  Hang out at the studio for a few minutes to let your body temp regulate.  Have some water and just rest for about 10 minutes before moving on with your day.  While we don't have showers on site, we do provide towels for you to wipe up before putting your clothes back on.  Be sure to bring something to wear that's different than the clothes you wore in the sauna so you don't have to wear sweaty clothes in the car ride home.

  • Check in after a couple days to see how your body reacted to the heat.  While the benefits of an infrared sauna are immense, detoxification can sometimes produce flu-like symptoms, especially if you have existing health conditions.  This is a normal reaction for some people, so take it easy.

  • How many session should you do each week?  That's up to you.  We'd recommend starting off a couple times a week at the 15-minute session level to see how your body responds to the treatment.  Once you're ready, you can either up the frequency or the sauna duration period -- or, eventually, both.

  • Wondering when you should schedule your session in relation to your yoga class?  That, too, is up to you.  Some people would prefer to have their treatments prior to their yoga class to warm up the body in preparation;  others would rather relax in the sauna after class.  You can also schedule your sauna session independently and not related to a yoga class at all.  So many choices for you! 


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