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corporate wellness program

In the days of COVID-19, many employees are working from home.  The added stress of the world health crisis can take its toll on us all, especially while trying to work from the dining table instead of the desk at the office.

Through Sundara's online corporate yoga sessions, we can take care of your employees while they're away from the office -- so that when they finally return, they'll be refreshed and eager to be there.

How It Works:

We'll create a customized, private yoga session via Zoom for your employees.  We'll send you the specific links to join the sessions, then you forward that info on to your staff.  Easy peasy.

Want a midday stretch sesh for your crew?  You got it.  Needing something for after hours?  Sounds good.  You pick when and how often, we'll do the rest.

Reach out to us at for more info or to set up your sessions.


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