Before Your Session


the sweat

  • Be sure to drink LOTS of water.  And by "lots" we mean more than you think you need.  This is because you'll be sweating out a ton of toxins, and you'll need to remain hydrated to keep your body happy.  Please don't skip this step, it's super important.

  • Speaking of water, there is no water allowed in the sauna itself.  This is because plastic leaches chemicals into the water when exposed to heat, and you're trying to rid yourself of toxicities.  Glass containers are also not allowed because they're breakable.  If you're thirsty during your session, simply step out for a moment, take a drink, and then return into the sauna.

  • If possible, refrain from eating at least 1-2 hours before your session.  This frees up the body to focus on the work it's doing inside the sauna, rather than on digestion.

  • Consult your physician before you book your session to make sure infrared sauna therapy is appropriate for your body.  This is especially important if you have existing health conditions including autoimmune disorders, blood pressure issues, are prone to fainting, etc.  It is your responsibility to determine if an infrared sauna session is right for you.

  • Wondering what you should wear during your session?  That's up to you!  You can wear lightweight shorts and a tee or tank, a bathing suit, a towel (we have some or you can bring your own), or even your birthday suit.  Whatever you feel the most comfortable in is perfect.

  • Keep the lotion in the bottle before your visit.  Wearing lotion will inhibit your body's ability to sweat and it clogs your pores, so please wait until you get home to apply.

  • Come 5 minutes early so you can enjoy your full session.  If you arrive late, that will cut into your sauna time, not the person's who is scheduled after you.

  • Appointments are necessary.  You can book your infrared sauna session a minimum of 8 hours prior to the starting time, so please plan ahead.  Something's come up and you need to cancel?  No problem.  Log into your MindBody account at least 12 hours in advance to cancel your session and you won't be charged.  If it's after that 12-hour window, you will be charged as if you had attended.

  • Allow 25 minutes for your 15-minute sauna session and 45 minutes for your 30-minute session.  This gives you enough time to go in and get ready, enjoy your infrared therapy, then ease out in a relaxed manner.

  • Want to bring a friend to join you?  Fantastic!  Our sauna fits two comfortably.  Just have your friend come with you, and we'll add them to your session for only $10.  This payment option isn't available online and needs to be taken care of at the front desk.  No need to call ahead to let us know.

  • Because kids' bodies are still developing, no one under 13 is allowed to use the sauna.  If you'd like to bring someone with you who's between 13 and 17 years old, that's totally fine.  They can be your plus one.  You just need to share the session with them.

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