Class Descriptions

Gentle restoration

Let everything melt away as you relax in this delicious class.  Blending our Gentle Stretch class with some much-needed Restorative Yoga, you'll finish feeling calm and completely blissed out.

Gentle Stretch

Surrender into this super mellow class to soothe and relax your body, mind, and spirit. You'll be introduced to gentle stretches that will help you completely decompress.  Move softly, release gently, and feel at peace for the rest of your day.

Roll & Release

If you were to combine a massage and a yoga class, this is the result.  This class involves some self-care massage using Yoga Tune Up therapy balls, a little anatomy, and a bit of movement to target those specific muscles.  It is appropriate for students who can get up and down off the of the ground but not for those undergoing cancer treatment or who have any other limitations where massage would be inappropriate.  ​

Roll & Flow

Blending the incredible massage work of the Yoga Tune Up therapy balls with a Level 1 yoga class, Roll & Flow will give your body just what it needs to work out those kinks.   Due to the massaging nature of the class, this one is also not a great choice for those undergoing cancer treatment or who have any other limitations where massage would be inappropriate .

Therapeutic Flow

Through a deep connection with the breath, this all-levels class offers therapeutic movement sequences as well as incorporates meditation into the practice.  And while it's geared toward students with injuries or trauma, it is also wonderful for those looking for a more therapeutic class for overall well being.

Level 1

If you're relatively new to a yoga practice, this is a good place to begin your journey.  This class offers a broad introduction to a variety of common yoga poses, with an emphasis on fundamentals and modifications that work with your body's needs.  You will move at a steady pace with pauses to rest and reconnect.


Working with the connective tissues of the body (such as ligaments, tendons, and joints), this class, while relaxing, can sometimes be intense given the longer holds of seemingly passive poses.  Often the anatomical focus of these poses are in the hips, lower spine, and pelvis.

Core Strenthening

Most people think strengthening the core means doing a ton of crunches and calling it a day.  That is far from the case!  There are many muscles that make up the core of the body -- from the abdominals to many back muscles, and even the glutes and diaphragm.  In this class, you will learn how to isolate these muscle groups then discover ways to strengthen them and stretch them out.

Level 1-2

The intention of this class is to refine the basics while introducing new and more challenging poses.  Poses may be held longer to deepen the experience in each class.  The pace will be quicker, and the transitions from pose to pose will be very fluid. 

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