While You're 


the sweat


the sweat

  • This is your time to enjoy the infrared therapy in whatever way makes you happy.  You can sit in stillness, meditate, do some soft movements, read, or just listen to the music.  Inside the sauna has a reading light if you desire to open up your favorite book.

  • Save your electronics and keep them outside of the sauna.  If you want to read, we have some magazines you can peruse or bring that book you've been longing to crack open.

  • If the heat gets too much but you're not ready to end your session, you can open the sauna door to let out some of the heat, or you can step out until you're ready to resume your session.  If your body decides you've had enough for the day, you can absolutely leave at any point.  Please keep in mind that you will still be charged for the amount of time that you scheduled for, regardless of leaving early.  This is because we've saved that time slot for you, and others aren't able to schedule during that time.

  • Check in with your body.  How are you feeling?  If you're lightheaded or overheated, please come out of the sauna and cool off, then let our staff know.  Loving the experience?  Fantastic!  We knew you would.

Please reach us at  info@SundaraYogaWellness.com