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Please join us in our online yoga community!

All of our live classes are accessed via secure and private Zoom links that are sent out weekly.  To receive those codes, be sure you've signed up for our email list, then be on the lookout every Sunday morning for all of the info you'll need to join us in our virtual yoga room.

Signed up but can't find the email?  Check your spam or promotional folders, because sometimes email servers just don't understand how much we want an email from someone.


5p  Yin Yoga with Sharon


11a  Gentle Stretch with Holly


9:30a  Level 1 with Cheryl

5p Therapeutic Flow with Holly


11a  Gentle Stretch with Holly


Stay tuned for classes added soon!


9:30a  Level 1 with Cheryl


9:30a  Roll & Release with Cheryl

*Note: you must have your own complete set of Yoga TuneUp balls and at least one block.  Click here to purchase a new ball set. 

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