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What Is Heart Intelligence?

The heart leads the way probably more than you know

Heart Intelligence is using the power of the heart to manage the mind and emotions.  This is the actual intelligence of our beating heart, and it does a lot more than we think it does.  There is a biological communication between the heart, the brain, and the rest of the body.

It has been discovered that the heart has its own independent nervous system.  This nervous system is the brain of the heart that sends signals to the part of our brain that houses our emotional processing center, then up to our higher brain centers that are responsible for clarity of thought and decision making.  The brain does send signals to the heart, but science has now found that the heart sends many more signals to the brain than what the brain sends to the heart.

The heart and the brain are in constant communication, but the heart is doing most of the talking...

The heart is an electrical organ producing energy that goes to every cell in your body.   It produces enough energy to create an information-filled magnetic field measuring about 3 feet outside of your body.  We imprint our information by the emotions that we’re feeling, and these magnetic fields exchange information from person to person. Have you ever noticed when you enter the presence of someone or a group of people that you feel their energy whether it’s negative or positive?  You either leave uplifted or drained.

Take the example of cell phones: They carry our voice information through their magnetic fields of energy.  It’s kind of the same principle.  So think about your nervous system communicating with the nervous system of another person, exchanging a very real dialogue of information.  Our words to someone may say one thing, but the information being transmitted through this magnetic energy field may be communicating something entirely different.  This can manifest in a positive or negative communication or even miscommunication.

Coherence is the synchronization of systems communicating and working together for balance and harmony.  Heart coherence is the cooperative alignment of the heart, mind, and emotions working on a physical and psychological level.  The heart interacts directly with the nervous, hormonal, and immunity systems of our body, and the balance of those systems are crucial to our health.

Coherence of the heart is measured by the beat-to-beat changes of the rhythmic beat of the heart.  Our heart coherence can be communicating at a low frequency -- often brought on by thoughts of impatience, frustration, irritation, or anger -- producing a communication of stress and imbalance to our nervous, hormonal, and immunity systems, thus bringing it towards a state of dis-ease.  

When our heart is in high coherence, we enter a state of balance of those systems.  This creates emotional balance, stability, and access to our intuition along with improved mental functions like mental clarity, ability to focus, and memory.  We are able to make more intelligent choices along with bringing health back to our body and mind.

High heart coherence is mostly triggered by an experience of uplifting emotions like kindness, compassion, care, love, hope, gratitude, and appreciation -- all of which are associated with the highest qualities of the heart.

Our hearts' rhythms then becomes the vehicle of change, shifting our emotional state from chaos to calm, triggering a positive release of hormones which calm the nervous system to help calm your mind.  Peace and positivity then become easier.

A quick and simple way to help your body and mind enter into this higher frequency of heart coherence is to practice a heart-focused, kindness (or gratitude, compassion, hope, love)  intentional breath. Not only are you effecting positive changes to yourself, but you’re also sending a field of positive energy out to those around you and maybe beyond!  Just imagine if we all did this, how much change we may be able to effect to our world around us.

How To Practice Entering High Heart Coherence

*Begin to breathe in and out through your nose.  Allow the breath to feel natural until you feel a sense of stillness in your body and a quieting (even just a little) in your mind.  Relax your jaw and allow your shoulders to soften.

*Transition to a long, slow, smooth breath, allowing the exhales to continue softening your body.  Spend a few breaths getting to know the feeling of this new breath pattern.

*Picture as if you are breathing in and out through the center of your heart.  Stay in this awareness for a few more breath cycles to help lock in this awareness.

*Next add an intention of kindness (or compassion, gratitude, appreciation, hope).  Think of a specific time that someone showed you authentic kindness or a time that you had the opportunity to offer kindness to another person or even a pet.  Spend a few more breaths in this thoughtful space.

Notice if an emotion surfaces from this intention and allow yourself to feel that emotion as you continue to breathe.  Think of inhaling kindness, then exhaling that intention of kindness toward whomever you're directing that kindness towards.

*Now direct that kindness to yourself.  This time, inhale the kindness through the heart center and exhale sending it to every cell of your body.

Throughout the day, check in with the stories that your mind is telling you.  If you need to reel it in or change the course from energy-draining thoughts, take a moment to stop.  Notice your breath, slow it down -- breathing in and out through the connection to the heart center -- and reconnect with heart feelings such as kindness, gratitude, compassion, patience, or hope.  Pick one and make it specific.  Spend a few minutes breathing in the intention until your mind finds its calm.  

Tips that I find helpful to keep a state of peace, especially in the climate of today's challenges: 

*Limit news intake on a need-to-know basis.  Maybe just a few times throughout the day to be aware of changes that we need to know.  Too much news can act like a train wreck -- you know, hard to look away.

*Find a purpose.  Whether it’s a project, checking in with family and friends, cooking some nutritious meals, find a way to release those creative juices.   And don’t forget the healing power of laughter.   Maybe a movie, sitcom, or standup comedy show you like. I have my go to shows that never fail to put a smile on my face.  

If you want to read or learn more about this amazing heart of ours, visit HeartMath.com.  I was introduced to this a few years ago but have not gotten serious about this practice until recently.  I have found it so incredibly helpful for me and wanted to share this with you all.  

May peace and love enter not only our heart, mind, and body but our world.

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