• Holly Robison

Bracing for the future

I'm sure I don't need to remind you that the elections are coming up this week. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last two years, there's almost no getting around the bombardment of political attacks and propaganda that's consumed the airwaves and our mailboxes.

Have you voted yet? If not, don't send your ballot in the mail at this point and instead find the dropbox or polling place that's within your jurisdiction. In my area, there are several polling places that are already open, where folks can vote in person prior to the chaos of election day. There are also official ballot dropboxes that are available if you want to avoid people and still vote in time. If you're in California, use this link to find your polling and dropbox locations for your area so your vote is sure to be counted. And because many voters are being purged from the voter registration records, check and make sure you're registered here.

So how will you take care of yourself during the weeks ahead? This isn't just limited to post-election insanity but also with the coronavirus explosion that is forecast to hit this country in the coming weeks. What can you do to practice acts of self-care?

I'm limiting my news intake a bit more. Not to say that I'm burying my head in the sand, because I just can't do that, especially not now. But instead of listening to the news in the morning, I'll read a bit of the day's current events from trusted news sources, then I'll put in a podcast as I'm getting myself ready. Only occasionally do I listen to the news in the evening, because it's not great for my mental and physical health to put all of that info in my brain when it's closer to bedtime.

I'm also making sure I'm getting some movement in each day. To help keep my blood pressure in a healthy range, I need to get my heart pumping each day. This helps to burn off the high cortisol levels which tend to skyrocket in times of stress.

Additionally, we could up (or begin) our meditation amounts as well. Taking the time to pause in the day and just focus on the breath goes a long way to lowering stress levels.

The election results may take a few weeks (read why here) and some legal battles before we know the final outcome, so just keep that in mind as you continue to practice your acts of self-care. We'll get on the other side of all of this at some point, but taking care of ourselves in the here and now ensures we emerge as our healthiest selves.

Be well, and go VOTE!

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