• Holly Robison

Falling Backwards

Next Sunday, November 1st, is when many of us set our clocks back an hour. While some think this event is pointless, this year I'm setting myself up to make the most of that "extra hour."

I often hear how there's not enough time in the day to get everything done. As someone who's in the process of doing a hard pivot in my business, I can relate to feeling like I'm constantly playing catchup.

But what if we actually take advantage of this time change?

I have a plan to help us get enough sleep and have extra time in the day to get things done. Total win/win.

If you're currently waking up at 7a, you could set your alarm for 6a on Nov. 1st and each day thereafter and the body still thinks it's 7a. The only caveat is that you'll need to go to bed earlier to accommodate this new programming. Setting an earlier alarm is only beneficial if you're setting yourself up for the win and still getting enough sleep at night. And going to bed an hour later than usual won't work in your favor with this.

Think of how much time is usually wasted at night. Watching a show or screwing around on your phone are such time sucks. Instead, get into bed 30-60 minutes before you should go to sleep, turn off your screens, grab your favorite book, and allow your body to wind down. This will not only help you drift off to sleep peacefully but will also help you sleep better overall.

While I don't consider myself a morning person, I have really been enjoying getting up earlier than I used to so I can do my morning routine. That routine includes meditation, gratitude and regular journal entries, plus my 30 minutes of movement. Maybe some or all of that appeals to you now that you'll have some more time? You could also use it to study, to read the book you've been wanting to get to, or even -- gasp! -- eat breakfast at your table rather than in your car.

So now that you'll have an extra hour each day, what would you do with that? Hint: For maximum benefit, your phone shouldn't even be touched during that time. Just sayin'.

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