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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

When I think of Super Bowl party foods of years past, images of less-than-healthy snacks float through my brain -- things like tortilla chips dripping in Velveeta, my mom's old recipe of 'Lil Smokies soaking in a combo of currant jelly and mustard, a handful of puffed Cheetos.  I'm just now seeing the common thread of fake orange coloring in these.  No wonder I suddenly feel a little queasy.

Fast forward to this year.  I now appreciate having a body that feels amazing after eating rather than eating without giving a rip about the after effects.

I'm a total foodie, so I'm always on the hunt for yummy recipes.  I've found a few alternatives that I wanted to share with you as a way to have a happy body while you're cheering your team on. 

Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip

While I'm not a vegan, I am allergic to dairy.  Insert sad face here.  This recipe will give you a great alternative to the traditional recipe.  Check out the blog of Shane & Simple for the full recipe.

Crispy Loaded Potato Skins

This picture makes my mouth *water*.  The "ranch dressing" in this recipe is dairy-free, so yippee for me!!!  Visit the Paleo Running Momma blog for this and other delectable recipes.

Thai Peanut Cauliflower Wings

I think this will be dinner tonight.  No joke.  (Though guaranteed mine won't be as picture perfect!)  Being a Thai food lover and minimal meat eater, these bites fit the bill completely.  While they're not gluten free, they can be easily modified to fit that restriction.  Check out the recipe from the Yup... It's Vegan blog.

Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip

I'm a fan of dips, as clearly evidenced by this post with three of them listed.  I love the  different take on this classic Super Bowl dish.  While I can't eat it as listed, there are some surprisingly good vegan feta and yogurt alternatives out there that would make this accessible to me.  Check out the Cookin' Canuck food blog for all the yummy details. 

Chipotle Lime Hummus

What a surprise, another dip.  I couldn't resist this one.  Not only could you devour this with the standard veggies or pita

chips -- try spreading it on a sandwich instead of mayo.  So much yum.  This one comes from the Three Olives Branch blog, so head over there for all of the details.

Cajun Sweet Potato Fries

With Blue Cheese Yogurt

​I honestly shouldn't be writing this while being  hungry.  This recipe is so easy and doesn't need to be limited to game day.  If you're like me and don't do the dairy thing, Follow Your Heart brand makes a really good vegan bleu cheese dressing that can be found at your local grocery store.  For all of the details on how to make these delicious fries, visit The Endless Meal blog.

​I hope you enjoy these options to make your game day a little healthier.  And if you have a recipe that you'd like to share that fits in with the theme, please post all the details below so we can check them out!

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