• Holly Robison

Mama needs a vacay

By the time you read this, I'll be spending some quality downtime in Cambria, CA. I love the central California coast. The blend of eucalyptus, pine, and ocean lingering on the breeze is utterly intoxicating to me. Added to the bliss is that I get to spend these days with my boyfriend as we hold hands on the beach and sip coffee on the deck of our rented house -- yeah, I might not come back.

As someone who loves to travel, it's been a bummer to be stuck in So Cal for almost seven months. My daughter and I were supposed to go to Boston in March, literally the week that everything shut down. The letdown from that, in addition to the stress of the early pandemic and closing of my studio, has made me crave some getaway time to recharge.

Being a solo business owner can make vacation time infrequent and stressful when I do go away. It never seemed to fail that as soon as I was gone, some weird situation happened to mess up an overall well-oiled machine. A teacher forgetting they were going to sub? Yep. Someone getting injured and needing last-minute coverage? More than once, unfortunately for my sweet friends. So while I'd do everything I could to prepare for the time away, there was always a part of me that couldn't totally relax, because who knows what's going to happen while I was gone.

I also find that it can be difficult to turn off my business brain. This will probably be the case in Cambria as well, because I'm in the process of crafting a new business and the ideas keep coming hard and fast. I'll be bringing my laptop just in case, but I'm going to do everything I can to stay away from it.

The benefits of taking a break from life are immense -- everything from stress reduction to physical benefits, mental health reboot to creative inspiration. All the good things that we need in our lives more often than we generally get them. And while we can't always go somewhere exotic or even out of state, we can bring the vacation to our daily lives in pretty easy ways.

The next time you're longing to go away, try changing the screen images on your phone and your computer. You can buy the foods you'd savor in the destination you'd be visiting, as well as playing the music you'd hear in the local environment. Add to that watching a movie or documentary about that place and -- poof! -- you're transported without leaving your couch.

If you can go somewhere, where would it be? Think about where you'd go given the current travel restrictions and limitations, as well as where you'd go if time, money, and circumstances weren't a factor. Sometimes just closing your eyes and envisioning all of the details, down to the scents, colors, and flavors, can do wonders for recharging your soul.

Bon voyage, my friend!

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