• Holly Robison

The art of delegating

Several months ago I read this phrase, and it had a huge impact on my mindset. At some point in my life I picked up the perfectionist tendency, and as I've mentioned previously, I've recently understood that that isn't such a great trait. I was able to justify it by claiming that I can hold myself to some ridiculous standards, while at that same time not expecting others to be perfect. But how can that be? If my bar is set soooo high, I think I'm kidding myself if I don't have certain expectations of others at least attempting to match my level of effort.

As I've been in the throes of creating the new wellness membership website for many months now, I'm fighting the overwhelm that's coming with things getting down to the wire. I have such big visions for what I want this membership experience to encompass, and I've had to enlist help to bring the dream into reality. The challenge is actually passing things off to someone else. Besides my perfectionism and control-freakiness when it comes to my business, there are just so many tasks that only I can do at this point. This brings on the overwhelm and subsequent procrastination, neither of which will help me move forward, and both of which can be at least partially avoided by -- you guessed it -- delegating.

Does this sound like a familiar experience to you?

If you're a parent, chances are you've been known to just do things yourself because your kids kinda suck at the tasks. Meanwhile, instead of having a kiddo unload the dishwasher, you're trying to do that while defrosting the chicken, starting some laundry, and helping another kidlet do math. I'm familiar with this scenario, so I'm here to pet your shoulder and say these words again to you: Done is better than perfect.

So where are the places in your life where the art of delegation can help you? I'm finding more and more of them in my life, and I've decided it's time to pass off as much as I can to others. I don't need to be a freaking superhero on this one. How about you?

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