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What motivates you?

As you may or may not know, I'm in the process of creating an online fitness and wellness membership that will launch in January 2021. What started out as a vague idea -- one born out of necessity and fantasy -- quickly blossomed into something much bigger than I anticipated. #GoBigOrGoHome

In the early days of contemplation, I knew I needed to find a way to keep our studio community together and to offer donation-based classes to our students. This was very important to me, especially in the times of such economic uncertainty and emotional intensity. I wasn't quite sure how to do this, so I enrolled in a course to help me flesh out the details and formulate a plan. And that it did.

This new membership will offer not only yoga classes but other types of fitness modalities, including live and pre-recorded classes, an exclusive community forum (that's *not* on Facebook, which was a huge sticking point for me), healthy recipes, movement and lifestyle tips, interviews with thought leaders and medical professionals, and the ability for the teachers to make a living wage. You can see how much bigger my vision became in just a matter of months.

During the creation of this membership, it's been easy to get overwhelmed with the massive to-do list that's hundreds of tasks long. Fortunately, I have some effective tools at the ready to help me stay on task and remain motivated.

I take some time each day to listen to podcasts, read empowering books, and talk with people who are further up the ladder than I am -- folks who inspire me to be my best version and push through all of the things that are coming up to the surface while creating something (hello, self-doubt, fear of failure, and imposter syndrome!). This reminds me that I'm not alone on the entrepreneurial island and am, instead, surrounded (virtually) by wisdom and guidance.

It also doesn't hurt that by nature I'm a go-getter type of person and always have been. If you're familiar with the science of Ayurveda, I'm almost equally a Pitta/Vata, with the emphasis here being on the Pitta side of the equation. I counter-balance that driven personality by practicing self-care, though admittedly it can get pushed aside when I'm in the shutdown mode of overwhelm or when I'm in the make-it-happen mode of building the empire.

Above all else, though, what keeps me motivated the most is by focussing on just how many people's lives this membership will improve all over the planet. It's an honor and a privilege to be able to continue to serve the Sundara community, and I'm looking forward to spreading the wellness love all over the world.

Now it's your turn. What motivates you to do the hard things? What helps you stay on your path? When we work with our own tools and enlist the help of others, remaining motivated is inevitable.

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