Teacher Training

200 Hour Teacher Training Program

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Taking our program online

As we're deep in the reality that is COVID-19, we're thrilled to be able to now offer our training online in its entirety.  Through Zoom sessions and a private Facebook group, we'll sow the seeds of international community on our yogic path.  

This training is different from others because it's the same format as if we were meeting in person for each session -- which we, in fact, are,  just virtually.  This is not a home study program where you learn on your own.  Our teachers are with you live in each class, helping you every step of the way.


Sundara's Teacher Training Program understands that you have a life outside of your yogic education.  We honor that by spacing out our meeting dates, so you can not only have a life off of your mat but also time to assimilate all of the valuable information that you'll receive on this journey.  

Because even though we all have a bit more time on our hands, some things shouldn't be rushed.

Tuition includes exclusive asana classes for the duration of the training





Are you ready for

a serious yoga education?

This in-depth training will take your practice to a new level.  And because we have ridiculously high educational standards, you can bet that this will be as intense as a college  course.  Because working with people's bodies isn't something we take lightly.

What you'll learn:


Learn how to do and teach over 60 poses properly, safely, confidently, as well as how to modify the poses for injuries.  We believe this is a crucial component for a training program, one that is often overlooked by other schools.  Our eyes will be on you, giving you loving feedback, as you take a deeper dive through your personal asana practice.


Delve into the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, giving you tools to create a more balanced, peaceful life for your students as well as yourself.  Use these tools to bring a deeper sense of tranquility into your life.


With our hands-on approach, you'll understand how the body works and why yoga is such an amazing tool to help our bodies function perfectly to aid in self healing.    


The sister science of yoga, Ayurveda complements a yogic lifestyle and practice.  You'll acquire the skills necessary to lead your students through a class that coincides with the changing seasons and daily weather fluctuations, utilizing the principles of AyurYoga.


Discover ways to market yourself as a yoga teacher in person and on social, how to create an effective resume, and what it means to conduct yourself as a professional.  You'll practice teaching as you would in different types of auditions -- so that when you're the one auditioning, you'll know just what to expect.


From prenatal to chair yoga, beginners to advanced yogis, feel confident in your abilities that will make you the most sought-after teacher ever.

Please reach us at  info@SundaraYogaWellness.com