Teacher Training Testimonials 





 "I needed a shift in life to find myself a purpose.  So I decided to further deepen my yoga practice and traveled all the way from the Philippines to California for a whole new different setting.  In the teacher's training is where I began to learn such deep awareness with myself -- both physically and mentally -- and also awareness with everything around me.  I realized that I just have to be gentle and keep it slow to be strong.  Holly was pretty much hands-on the entire time.  She was just inspirational and the best, hands down!  I wouldn't have experienced what "real" yoga could be had I not taken the program.  For me, it was more than worth a dime spent; it was priceless."  ~Critin U. 

"I decided to do the Sundara teacher training because I was at a point in my life where I was unhappy with my job and really needed something positive to focus on.  What I got out of the training was so much more -- life long friends, a renewed appreciation for my body, a deep understanding of the yoga tradition, and the start of a very personal yoga practice for myself.  While I'm sure I could have learned quite a bit from other programs, I know with Sundara it was far more than book learning -- the incredible teachers there push you to put everything into practice, so that by the time you finish the program you are profoundly aware of who you are as both a yoga student and teacher." ~Clare W.​

"I can't say enough positive things about Sundara's yoga teacher training program.  I am a professor of education and study learning and teaching as my bread and butter.  I know good teacher training when I see it, though I was new to yoga teacher training. Being a teacher is very different from being a student.  Learning how to teach yoga is different from just learning how to do it yourself.  You have to develop awareness of your class, learn to adapt each pose for different levels, consider students' histories of injuries, sequence a class from warm up to cool down, utilize music to best effect, and through it all be personable and calm as a teacher. 

"From day one at Sundara we started practice teaching, learning how to match our physical movements with words, finding the right phrase to help students really get into the beauty of a pose.  Over the course of several months we learned to do all of those other things as well -- things I didn't even realize I needed to know at the beginning.

"I absolutely grew in my own practice -- I've never been so physically fit!  I adored learning about anatomy and really appreciating how yoga can help our bodies.  I hadn't known much at all about what yoga philosophy was, and I really began to learn about that mind-body-soul connection so often ignored in our society.  Sundara's teacher training program was an amazing place to grow in so many ways.  I left having a deep respect for the yoga teaching profession and am prepared to begin my journey into teaching.  Having taught several classes already (just after graduating!), I can say I was extremely well prepared.  Holly is a delight to learn with: challenging, comforting, and welcoming at the same time.  I would recommend Sundara's program to everyone, hands down."  ~Deborah F.


"The TT program is more than just getting certified to be an instructor.  It was also the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life... but if I could choose to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat."  ~Sara P.


"It was an amazing experience.  The entire session went so fast.  We had so much to study, learn, practice and absorb.  It turned out to be a gateway to a new lifestyle for me.  I am healthier, stronger, and more peaceful.  I did not enroll in the program to become a teacher, but now I feel I must somehow share what I had learned.   Thank you, Holly, and all other teachers in the program, and my fellow students for all your support."  ~Rika D.

"Have you ever thought about becoming a yoga instructor?  It was one of the things that was on my bucket list of things I wanted to do and learn.  I was so fortunate to have found Holly.  I took her teacher training class and I am so happy.  Holly is a warm, inviting person, she is patient and kind, everything you want a teacher and a yoga instructor to be.  The class size is usually small, and I really enjoyed the ability to interact with Holly and my fellow students on a close level.  Holly places a good amount of focus onto anatomy and body mechanics, learning how to get your students in and out of poses safely.  The class and Holly were awesome.  I so enjoyed it and am so glad I made the investment."  ~Dominique N.

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