teacher training

  • A $500 non-refundable deposit is required.  

  • Tuition options are as follows:  If paid in full by May 10, 2020 = $2550;  if utilizing our payment plan = $2750

  • Tuition is non-refundable.  However, course registration is transferable prior to the first meeting. Failure to complete the program does not entitle discounts nor refunds on tuition.

  • ​Required reading books and yoga materials are not included in the tuition price.

  • Paying tuition does not guarantee graduation or certification.  

Absences, Graduation, and Certification Policies...

  • To uphold the integrity of the program, the course must be taken in its entirety to graduate and cannot be broken up into segments.  All hours allotted for this program must be completed, no exceptions.

  • Every missed class must be made up.

  • Make-up classes will be arranged for an additional fee, as determined by Sundara Yoga & Wellness.  Missed classes will be made up before the program concludes and prior to graduation and certification occurs.

  • Tardiness, absenteeism, and early departure will not be tolerated and may jeopardize your graduation and certification status.

  • Excessive absenteeism, as determined by Sundara Yoga, will result in the automatic failure of the program, with no refunds  or credits given.

  • Perfect attendance does not guarantee graduation or certification.

A note about Yoga Alliance...

When we first created this training back in 2011, we felt that registering with Yoga Alliance was a crucial part of legitimizing the program.  We discovered we greatly surpassed their requirements and prided ourselves on that fact.  In the years since, we've come to the conclusion that having a Yoga Alliance-approved school offers little, if any, benefits.  We've noticed that, in the multitude of yoga schools that have been approved by them, there are no quality controls put in place to monitor schools; as such, we've encountered many teachers who have been trained with registered schools that are not, in our professional opinion, qualified to teach to our ridiculously high standards.

At Sundara, we interview and audition our potential teachers not based on their Yoga Alliance memberships but rather on their education levels and teaching abilities.  And because our Teacher Training Program is so comprehensive (and has even been touted as a college-level course by one of our graduates who is, in fact, a college professor herself), the majority of our staff consists of Sundara grads.  That's because we know just how overly-qualified our graduates are in comparison to their peers.  That's also one of the many reason why we've had graduates come from another country specifically to take our training.  

Sundara teachers acknowledge the responsibility that comes with the territory of bodywork.  And after you've taken our training, you'll feel more than qualified to guide others in their yoga practice.  

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