We've got the a's to your q's

New to online yoga?

We'll  help you find your Zen, whether you're practicing in your bedroom or backyard.

Q I'm ​excited to give this a try, but I haven't taken an online yoga class before.  How do I find your classes?

A  We have two different ways you can enjoy our classes:  YouTube and Zoom.

Our YouTube classes are available to you 24/7, perfect for when the yoga mood comes over you.  We have many different class levels already uploaded, with tons more being posted weekly.  Click here to visit our Sundara Yoga & Wellness YouTube Channel.

If you'd like a live yoga experience, we're offering many of our classes to our students via Zoom.  Create a free Zoom account prior to class, then use the links found in your weekly emails from us.  Not getting our emails?  Sign up below so you can get the 411 on everything Sundara.  Then check your inbox on Sunday mornings.  If you can't find our email, check your spam or other folders.

Q  What happens if I'm running late and want to join a Zoom session after class has already begun?

A  We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you might run late.  Unfortunately, once the Zoom classes have begun, you won't be able to join in.  Instead, just unroll your mat and move on your own or watch one of our YouTube videos.

Q  How do I set up at home?

 This can be as simple as rolling out your mat, turning on your device, and settling in.  It can also be a bit more elaborate, where you create some ambiance.  It doesn't really matter, so long as you're left uninterrupted while you're practicing.

Place your mat in a room that has little distractions, preferably with the door closed.  Move any furniture off to the side so you can open your arms wide as well as back behind you while laying down so you're not worried about hitting anything.  Let your housemates know you'll be unavailable for a while -- maybe even put something on the doorknob so they remember to leave you alone.  

Be sure to position your mat so you can see your screen easily, whether that's up on a table or your bed or whatever.  If it's down on the floor, you'll likely tweak your neck trying to see what the teacher is doing.  Use your device's audio or some wireless headphones so you're able to hear the teacher's instructions.

Need some relaxing atmosphere?  Lighting candles and dimming the lights can be a nice touch, as can putting on a mellow playlist from your favorite source (copyright laws prevent us from including music in our videos).

If you use props to make your yoga experience better, be sure to have everything handy prior to class beginning.


One last thing :  Your time on your mat is intended to bring a level of peace into your life, and checking your phone or tablet -- no matter the intention -- is counterproductive  not only to you but to other students and the teacher as well.   This is the perfect time to disconnect.

Q  What should I wear?

A  Wearing comfortable clothing is of primary importance when practicing yoga.  Along those lines, being mindful of your clothing is equally important.  Ladies, if you're wearing pants, you may not realize just how see-through your leggings are compared to yoga pants.  While expensive brand-name clothing is absolutely not something to worry about, understanding that your undies are being exposed to everyone if your pants are see-through is absolutely worth mentioning.  Gentlemen, if you enjoy wearing shorts to class, please be sure to wear some type of garment underneath them.  You'd be surprised how revealing basketball shorts can be in certain poses.  As for what's on your feet, wearing nothing there is best, and definitely no shoes.  Socks are okay if it's cold, but you'll want to take them off before we stand up so you won't slip. 

Q  I've purchased a membership when you had the studio.  Do these online classes count towards my package?

A  Nope!  Sundara's online classes are donation-based or free, depending on your financial situation.  All of our memberships have been paused until we re-open in our new location once we're on the other side of this crisis.

Q  I haven't met the teacher who's leading the class, and I have some injuries.  How can I let them know?

A  Easy!  Feel free to introduce yourself when you first enter the Zoom room and fill them in on what's going on with your body.  Chances are they'll beat you to the introduction, though.  After you've talked about modifications that are available to you, they'll keep visually checking on you during class to see if you need further guidance.  We're here to make your body feel happy and will show you all the tricks we know to help you stay safe in class.  If you'd rather keep this conversation private, feel free to use the chat feature prior to class beginning to let your teacher know what's going on.

Q  What if I need to finish early?

A  Sometimes it's unavoidable and you need to leave before the end of class.  However, each class is structured with your safety in mind.  Finishing early doesn't give your body all it needs.  It's like eating popcorn with no butter or salt.  Just okay, definitely not ideal.

Q How soon before a Zoom class should I log in?

A  Use your customized Zoom class link to access each session, signing on at least 5 minutes prior to class beginning.  If you haven't created a Zoom account already, do that well before.  First time joining the Zoom yoga sesh?  Log on about 10 minutes beforehand so you can get yourself set up with plenty of time to ground before class begins.

Q What about Savasana?

A  The most important pose of all, some would argue, Savasana is the final relaxation pose that comes at the end of each yoga class.  Some teachers may sit on screen while you're laying down, others might cue you to pause the recording and lay back down.  Whatever the case, this isn't a part that you should ditch out on.  Give yourself the gift of this replenishing pose. 

Q I'm not sure I want to do a live Zoom class just yet.  Can I watch and check it out?

A  That's a big ol' negatory!  We joke that yoga isn't a spectator sport.  But all kidding aside, you'll come across as a stalker, and that will totally kill the relaxation vibe for everyone else.  If you're not sure whether or not to take a class, check out our YouTube videos first so you can get a feel for what a live class might be like.


Have another question?  Reach out!  Info@SundaraYogaWellness.com

Please reach us at  info@SundaraYogaWellness.com