We've got the a's to your q's

Q I'm ​excited to come take class but haven't been to the studio before.  How do I sign up?

A  If you'd like to take advantage of our New Student Special, come about 10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin to fill out some paperwork.  That special isn't available online, so you can sign up for it when you come in.  If you'll be just dropping in for a single class or would rather sign up for a package or membership, our Pricing page will help you decide which option is best for you.

Q  What happens if I'm running late and will show up after class has already begun?

A  We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you might run late.  If it happens every now and again, we totally understand.  The beginning of class is a time to settle into the space and connect with yourself.  It is also a time that the teacher will begin a meditation and start to warm up the body.  Entering class late can be disruptive and isn't great for your body.  For most classes, we allow our students to come into class up to 10 minutes late if it's an occasional thing.  That being said, some classes, like our Roll & Release and Roll & Flow classes, start precisely on time due to the nature of the classes, so late entries aren't permitted.  There are times when the staff will be required to lock up the studio door sooner than 10 minutes after class start time.  If that is the case, you'll have to come back to another class at a different time.​  

Q  Can I bring my cellphone into class?

 You can, but please make sure it's silenced completely before entering the yoga room.  That's going to include turning off all vibrations, alarms, and flashing lights, as these are all very distracting.  It's best to simply leave your phone in your car until after class, where it will happily be awaiting your return.  Also, please do not text while in class or enter any information into a fitness app until after you leave the yoga room at the end of class.  Your time on your mat is intended to bring a level of peace into your life, and connecting to an electronic device -- no matter the intention -- is counterproductive not only to you but to other students and the teacher as well.  This is the perfect time to disconnect.

Q  What should I wear to class?

A  Wearing comfortable clothing is of primary importance when practicing yoga.  Along those lines, being mindful of your clothing is equally important.  Ladies, if you're wearing pants, you may not realize just how see-through your leggings are compared to yoga pants.  While expensive brand-name clothing is absolutely not something to worry about, understanding that your undies are being exposed to everyone if your pants are see-through is absolutely worth mentioning.  Gentlemen, if you enjoy wearing shorts to class, please be sure to wear some type of garment underneath them.  You'd be surprised how revealing basketball shorts can be in certain poses.  As for what's on your feet, wearing nothing there is best, and definitely no shoes (we have a home for those for you).  Socks are okay if it's cold, but you'll want to take them off before we stand up so you won't slip. 

Q  I've purchased a membership and am ready to take classes.  What do I need to do to sign in, and how do I keep track of how many classes I have used?

A  Each time you come to the studio, you'll just sign our sign-in sheet.  We'll log you into our system where you can monitor your account from home or from the MindBody app.  You can also purchase more classes or sign up for workshops the same way in-studio or at home with this link.

Q  I haven't met the teacher who's leading the class, and I have some injuries.  How can I let them know?

A  Easy!  Feel free to go up and introduce yourself and fill her in on what's going on with your body.  Chances are she'll beat you to the introduction, though.  After you've talked about modifications that are available to you, she'll keep checking on you during class to see if you have any questions.  We're here to make your body feel happy and will show you all the tricks we know to keep you safe in class.

Q  What if I need to leave class early?

A  Sometimes it's unavoidable and you need to leave before the end of class.  If it's not very often, that's okay.  We lock the front door when class is in session, so it's not ideal for you to leave.  If it's unavoidable, sneak out as quietly as you can before our final relaxation pose, Savasana, has begun so you don't take away from the other students' experiences.

Q Anything else I should know?

A  Hmmmmm, let's see.  Oh, yeah!  Please don't chew gum when you're in class.  And because many of our students and teachers are sensitive to fragrances, we'd be super happy if you don't wear heavy cologne or perfume when you come to take class.


Please reach us at  info@SundaraYogaWellness.com